About Us
My Acoustics Sdn Bhd is a company that provides wholistic acoustics engineering solutions. Our main office is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. We offer a variety of sound control products and services for commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

In My Acoustics Sdn Bhd, we have the skill and know-how in providing effective solutions to your acoustics requirement; and we carry products which fit your needs. Our sound control products are selected to minimize acoustics, noise and vibration impact to address your concern.

Our aim is always to create better environments that exceeds client expectation.

Our wholistic approach require us not just designing and implementing solution; but also to take considerations of aesthetic, functionality, financial feasibility and most importantly to meet clients requirement.

This, is what we believe, the foundation of the long-term, trusting relationships we share with our clients. Contact us now for more details.


My Acoustics Sdn Bhd established in May, 2010 with the main objective to provide Specialised design & build services; and solutions for acoustic, noise and vibration control.

Contracting focus in the areas of:
  • Architectural & Building Acoustics
  • ACMV Noise & Vibration Control
  • Acoustic Test Facilities
Design & build services in the areas of:
  • Site investigations and solution for noise and vibration
  • Specialized Acoustic Test Lab (Reverberation Chamber, Anechoic Chamber, Semi-Anechoic Chamber, Airborne Sound Isolation Test Lab)
Trouble shooting in:
  • Architectural & Building Acoustics
  • General Noise & Vibration problem
Acoustics Testing (on-site):
  • Airborne Sound Isolation (Field STC / Field Rw)
  • Reverberation Time (RT)
  • Ambient Noise Level / Background Noise Level (NC / NR)


My Acoustics Sdn Bhd and its personnel have extensive practical knowledge in design & build and real-life industrial experience in acoustics and vibrations. The areas of specialisation and contracting capabilities could be broadly categorised into:
  • Architectural & Building Acoustics
  • ACMV Noise & Vibration Control
  • Acoustic Test Facilities Lab
  • Acoustics Testing (Field)

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